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Pill Holder Keychain

Pill Holder Keychain


Pill Holder Keychain to keep medication when on-the-go or needed.  The screw on cap includes a rubber o-ring that seals out moisture keeping contents inside safe and dry.  Food safety coated inside.  Measures  7/16” x 1-3/4” inside. Great for gift giving in an organza bag. (One customer also included a small bottle of pain pills with the holder in the organza bag and gave them to teachers and friends!)
$35.00 each

  • Red, white and blue with chrome metals.
  • Red, white and blue camo with chrome.
  • Blue and gold swirl with chrome metals.
  • Dark red and blue with chrome metals.
  • Light and dark pink swirls with chrome.
  • Blue-green and orange swirl with chrome metals. 
  • Yellow and black strings with gold metals. 
  • Pink swirl with gold metals. 
  • Purple and orange and gold metals. 
  • Molten lava with gold metals. 
  • Pink and green with gold metals. 
  • Black, red and blue with gold metals.
  • Pink and blue with gold metals. 
  • Red and black chips with gold metals. 
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