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Perfume Atomizer

Perfume Atomizer

SKU: PA115

Perfume Atomizer is a must for traveling for both men and women.  Your own perfume is stored in a 0.1 oz removable glass vial inside.  A small pump is included with directions on how to easily fill your atomizer.  Washing the glass vile out allows you to change fragrances.  You can carry it on a flight as it contains less than 3 ozs.  Men and women both love this convenience while traveling or handy in the locker room.  Great holiday gift in an organza bag!

$40.00 Each.

  • Orange/Cream
  • Black/Orange
  • Green/Blue
  • Black/White
  • Purple/White
  • Aqua
  • Black/ Gold patches
  • Black/Brown/White stripes
  • Black/ White strings
  • Blue/Tan/Black stripes
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