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Themed Wood Inlay

Themed Wood Inlay

SKU: GI206

Laser cut wood inlay pens are cut from wood to create special themes. Great for gift giving! These are twist pens and use Parker style refills. 

  • Bass inlay wood pen - Stained green wood against a maple background. Chrome and gunmetal accents. 
  • Dog foot prints - White maple prints inlayed into brown stained maple. Chrome and gunmetal accents.
  • Piano keyboard - Ebony wood with the keys laser cut and put in place. Chrome and black accents. 
  • Star Trek Forever Stamp - Trek 50th Anniversary USPS stamp curved around a red cylinder and enclosed in a clear resin. Gunmetal and chrome accents.
  • Wings of Flight - The laser cut wood pieces creates the Wings of Flight against a blue died maple wood center. Chrome and gunmetal accents. 


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