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Themed Wood Inlay

Themed Wood Inlay


Canadian Maple Leaf - The Canadian Maple Leaf flag is done in gunmetal and chrome accents on a twist pen. This pen uses a parker style refill. 

Wine - What a great gift for the wine lover. Wood laser cut pieces of grapes, vines, wine bottle, a glass of wine has sharp detail. The accents are in gold and gunmetal. Wonderful gift! This pen uses a parker style refill.

Puzzle - Colored wooden pieces of this puzzle makes up this unique pen. Gold and black accents on this eye catcher! This pen uses a parker style refill.

Scuba - Scuba divers love this wood inlay picture of a scuba diver in red, white, blue and black woods. Accented in chrome and gunmetal. This pen uses a parker style refill.

Bowler - The bowler in the family will love this wood inlay pen with three pins and a black bowling ball. Chrome and gunmetal accents show this pen off. This pen uses a parker style refill.

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